Example of pedestrian comfort assessment with numerical solutions

Example of pedestrian comfort assessment with numerical solutions

SOCRI, the developer of the Polygon Riviera project in Cagnes-sur-Mer, an opencast 94,000 sqm shopping complex designed by L35 which includes a cinema multiplex, a bowling, a fitness center, business premises and a hundred shops, wanted to assess the influence of climatic phenomena, especially the wind, on the outside comfort conditions for visitors.

As part of its mission of sustainability consultancy, Etamine developed through UrbaWind software a modeling of the project in order to apprehend wind sensitive areas of the site wind and test the effectiveness of the proposed solutions to reduce discomfort periods for visitors on these areas.

This wind analysis has been divided into three steps:

  • firstly, the site has been fully defined in a 3D model that incorporates the construction volumes, site topography, location of the vegetation and its porous properties, and finally the location of areas of interest for the analysis;
  • then, for each significant wind direction for of the site, the software has automatically generated the mesh and boundary conditions of the CFD model and solved numerically the equations of fluid mechanics in order to converge on the wind flow conditions in the model ;
  • finally, the results for each wind direction have been correlated with climate data of the site to achieve a mapping of climate conditions on the site, showing informations on frequency of exceeding the threshold of 3.6 m / s, introduced by the CSTB, corresponding to the first appearance of discomfort (when faces feel the sensation of the wind, and the hair is disturbed).

A reduction of the climatic discomfort

The results have allowed Etamine to identify several sensitive areas and therefore they were able to make concrete proposals to reduce climatic discomfort: for example, a recommendation was made to create a dense wooded area on the north boundary of the site along the bed of Malvan river, in order to create a screen against the entry of the winds from north sector which impact the comfort on two pedestrian gateways and on a significant site entrance area.

Several landscaping solutions have also been proposed to protect other sensitive areas of the site. These facilities helped making the shopping center more welcoming and pleasant for visitors, with reduced costs.


Pedestrian wind comfort assessment in urban area

Since 1999, Etamine has assisted building owners and contractors, design and execute innovative projects within the field of indoor air quality and low-impact environmental construction management.

At the time of September 2013, Etamine employs 27 engineers and building energy specialists, working in sustainable development for buildings and urban planning, most of them at the head office based in Lyon, and six of them at the new Paris agency which opened in 2011.

Testimonial from Tanguy Mulliez – Etamine Coop


    Stéphane Sanquer
    Product manager "Building and city planning" and natural ventilation expert at Meteodyn. PhD in Aerodynamics and thermics, I'm specialized in applied research in wind effects in urban area : pedestrian wind comfort, wind load on buildings and natural air ventilation.

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