ICWE 2017: International Conference on Wind Engineering

ICWE 2017: International Conference on Wind Engineering

19th International Conference on Wind Engineering will be held in Prague - March 23-24.

It aims to bring together academic scientists and researchers to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of wind engineering. It’s also a forum for researchers, engineers to discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns and solutions.

The conference includes numerous topics Meteodyn is working on every days, such as:

  • Architectural aerodynamics: cost effective and safe design of civil engineering structures
  • Bioclimatic engineering: architecture that takes advantage of renewable energy sources
  • Computational fluid dynamics: branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows
  • Meteorological forecasts: wind forecast at long, mid or short terms
  • Meteorology: sun, wind, rain, clouds, temperature, behaviours and effects
  • Micrometeorology: meteorology at micro-scale, for a specific and precise site
  • Natural ventilation: using wind flow (or local air pressure differences) to pull air through the building to cool the buildings without using mechanicals means.
  • Pedestrian wind environment: prediction of the wind environment around buildings to protect pedestrians from unpleasant wind effects
  • Reliability and risk under wind loading: studying the behavior of structures under extreme wind loads 
  • Sand and snow-drift: study relationships between wind flow and snow/sand drifting
  • Static and dynamic wind effects:  for long span bridges, tall buildings and high towers or mast structures, wind load may be taken as a critical loading
  • Urban planning: importance of including wind studies in urban project design – pedestrian comfort – sustainability- safety- renewables
  • Vehicle aerodynamics: study of how air resistance and drag affect a vehicule
  • Wind actions and effects on long-span bridges
  • Wind actions and effects on tall buildings
  • Wind actions and effects on wind-sensitive civil engineering structures
  • Wind climate: wind characteristics study and wind effects on climate
  • Wind codes and standards: Eurocode standards compliance
  • Wind effects on transportation : cross wind analysis along high speed lines or cable car lines
  • Wind energy production : wind farm production – urban small wind system production
  • Wind turbines: wind loads effects on turbines production and safety
  • Windbreaks: wind protection strategies in urban areas
  • Wind-driven rain and permeable facades: wind effects on precipitation amount and direction



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