AIVC conference: effective natural ventilation in high performance buildings

AIVC conference: effective natural ventilation in high performance buildings

The 36th AIVC conference will be held in Madrid – Spain. September 23 – 24.

The building sector plays a key role to be successful in reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Development of new regulations and high performance building programs show the growing awareness in this sector.

However, we must maintain acceptable indoor environmental quality while taking measures to reduce buildings’ energy use. How to avoid overheating risk and the systematic use of mechanical ventilation system? (management of solar loads, airflow rates, natural ventilation and thermal mass…)

Fortunately, new building designs tend to take into account high performance criteria to reduce energy cost and increase renewables use.

The joint 36th AIVC, 5th TightVent and 3rd venticool Conference will focus on the following major themes:

  •    Thermal comfort and ventilative cooling— application of ventilation airflow rates to cool indoor spaces and avoid overheating in buildings
  •     Air infiltration through leaks in the building envelope and ductwork
  •     Ventilation in relation to Indoor Air Quality and health

Approaches and tools will be presented to face these environmental, comfort and healthy issues. UrbaWind will be among major CFD tools highlighted during the conference (including presentations such as : « Air Change Rate assessment with CFD tool in complex urban area »).

pressure-coefficient-complex-urban-area-Natural-Ventilation-Assemment copie

Pressure coefficient in complex urban area devoted to assess the natural ventilation potential (UrbaWind)


    Stéphane Sanquer
    Product manager "Building and city planning" and natural ventilation expert at Meteodyn. PhD in Aerodynamics and thermics, I'm specialized in applied research in wind effects in urban area : pedestrian wind comfort, wind load on buildings and natural air ventilation.

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